20 Cents

20 Centavos


  • Tiago Tambelli
  • Brazil
  • 2014, 52 min
Script: Carlos Maga, Tiago Tambelli, Eduardo Consonni, Rodrigo T. Marques
Photography: André Uba, Edgar Bueno, Emerson Miranda, Eduardo Ioschep, Eduardo Rabin, Kamikia Kisedje, Léo Rudá, Lucas Barreto, Lucas Satti, Marcelo Simões, Mauricio Tibiriça, Ronaldo Franco, Thaís Taverna, Tiago Tambelli
Editing: Eduardo Consonni, Rodrigo T. Marques
Music: Sabotagem, Meta Meta, RZO, Macaco Bong
Producer, Co-producer: Mauricio Monteiro Filho (Lente Viva Filmes), Marcelo Krowczuk (Lente Viva Filmes)
Color: Colour
Language: Portuguese
São Paulo, June 2013: The local government’s decision to raise the price for a public transit ticket by 20 cents results in a wave of social unrest. The protests are an expression of a more general dissatisfaction among the working classes with their living conditions. However, the mass of protestors does not succeed in achieving a common vision: The carneval-like ethos is replaced by the atmosphere of guerilla struggle, and solidarity by violence. Over several days, this observational documentary places the viewer directly into the middle of the chaotic events. The cadence of kinetic footage of angry mobs, accompanied by tribal rhythms and heavy-metal riffs, is enough to give the viewer a sense of vertigo.

“Brazil cannot continue being the country of impunity! Brazil cannot continue sending only poor to prison. It’s time the politicians go to jail.”

Photo Gallery

Lente Viva Filmes
Marcelo Krowczuk
Rua dos Pinheiros, 818 cj 5
Sao Paulo / 05422001 / Brazil
+55 11 995 297 335

Festival edition: 2014
Sections: Opus Bonum
Premiere Type: International Premiere
Awards: Special Mention of the Opus Bonum Jury
Exhibition format: DCP
Subtitle languages: English
26.10.2014 10:00
28.10.2014 10:00


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