Fovea Centralis

Fovea centralis

Fovea centralis

  • Philippe Rouy
  • France
  • 2014, 50 min
Editing: Philippe Rouy
Producer, Co-producer: Philippe Rouy
Color: Colour
Language: Japanese, English
Under significant pressure from the government and the media, the Fukushima nuclear power plant released video recordings from its closed circuit camera system. The recordings did not escape the censor’s reach: people’s faces are blurred and in some places, the sound has been removed. Using this material, the director assembled a meditative film-poem that skirts the fringe of video art. Using bricolage technique, the filmmaker combines multiple images, sound disruptions, and written text that are burned into the viewer’s mind like the image of a mushroom cloud on the retina, the center of which – the spot which creates the sharpest vision – is called the fovea centralis.

“My forehead and chin lean on bars of cold metal. I hear an unknown’s man voice. The visual field of your left eye is reduced. You have a mark on your retina. It is shaped like an inverted mushroom.”


Under pressure from the government and the media, the operator of the Fukushima nuclear power plant released a fraction of the videoconferences held in theweeks following the disaster. These recordings did not escape the usual censorship: faces are blurred and words cut. But this “blurring” comes to haunt the simple tools of bureaucratic communication, revealing the effects of the nuclear on images and the visible more broadly, its impacts on bodies and eyes. After 4 bâtiments, face à la mer (4 Buildings, Facing the Sea) (2012) and Machine to Machine (2013), this film is the final chapter of a triptych devoted to images of the Fukushima Daiichi catastrophe produced by the nuclear industry itself.

Photo Gallery

Philippe Rouy
14, rue de la Moskova
Paris / 75018 / France
+33 611 326 478

Festival edition: 2014
Sections: Opus Bonum
Premiere Type: World Premiere
Exhibition format: Blu-ray
Subtitle languages: English
25.10.2014 18:00


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