Evaporating Borders

Evaporating Borders

Mizející hranice

Script: Iva Radivojević
Photography: Iva Radivojevic
Editing: Iva Radivojevic
Sound: John Moros, Josh Berger, Ian Gaffney-Rosenfeld
Music: Alexander Berne, Stian Westerhus, Sandy Brour, Mon Doumani
Producer, Co-producer: Landon Van Soest, Leandros Savvides
Color: Colour
Language: Greek, Arabic, English
Ethnically divided Cyprus is one entry point for those seeking asylum in “Fortress Europe”. In five acts, this film essay offers a subjective look, supported by sociological data, at the phenomenon of immigration as a lived experience. The director, herself a political immigrant, reflects upon the broader contexts of the competing social forces that shape contemporary Europe’s immigration policy, the liberal desire to take in political refugees, and society’s unwillingness to accept them. For the refugees themselves, the journey to freedom often ends by falling into an abyss of hopelessness and despair.

“With strange paranoia, we shield ourselves from these humans who exile themselves for promises of rich countries. The world is not interested in their tides of humanity. Instead we welcome a new category of criminal: the migrant.”


Evaporating Borders develops a sweeping visual essay on global restrictive attitudes toward migrating populations. Guided by the filmmaker’s curious eye and personal reflections, the film dissects the experience of asylum seekers in Cyprus. Through a series of vignettes, it poetically weaves themes of migration, tolerance, identity and belonging.

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Ivaasks Films
Iva Radivojevic
503 Lafayette Ave, 3F / Brooklyn
New York / 11205 / United States
+1 917 669 7584

Festival edition: 2014
Sections: Between the Seas, First Lights
Premiere Type: Central European Premiere
Exhibition format: DCP
Subtitle languages: English, Czech
26.10.2014 18:00


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