Chasing after the Wind

Persiguiendo al Dragón

Honba za větrem

  • Juan Camilo Olmos Feris
  • Colombia
  • 2014, 61 min
Photography: Juan Camilo Olmos Feris
Editing: Ivan Wild, Juan Camilo Olmos Feris
Sound: Julian Sarmiento, Gabriel Bocanegra, Keren Vargas
Music: Julian Sarmiento, Luis Vengoechea, Camilo Sarmiento
Producer, Co-producer: Juan Camilo Olmos Feris, Viviana Goelkel, Alfredo Sabbagh
Color: Colour
Language: Spanish
In recent years, the Getsemaní neighborhood in the Colombian town of Cartagena has evolved from a dangerous and crime-filled area to an attractive tourist center. The film nevertheless attempts to capture the neighborhood’s old spirit, as embodied by the 60-something Gustav, whom the camera follows on his nighttime wandering through the town and his occasional musings (sometimes drug-influenced) on God, death, drugs, and the natural order. For the most part, the camera keeps close to Gustav’s body, following him through long shots while exploring the play of the nighttime lights on his skin.

“Religion for me... the best exercise it has. But the best thing religion has to offer for me is confession. By doing this they can clean up their rubble. One of the things that make people feel most relieved is when they throw out their rubble.”


“Chasing after the wind” is a portrait of Gustavo, a marginal character whose intimacy opens a window to the social and cultural fabric of a neighborhood at the peak of change. Gustavo is a wild man living at a nostalgic place yearning for the lost essence of its past. Every night, Gethsemane becomes Gustavo's scene, while he slips into the dark corners of the neighborhood. This film is a contemplation of a shared impermanence, where Gethsemane's debris bears witness of the end of a community, but also of a human being.

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Banshun Films
Juan Camilo Olmos Feris
Cra 56 no 91-28
Barranquilla / Colombia
+57 3 186 614 308

Festival edition: 2014
Sections: Opus Bonum, First Lights
Premiere Type: International Premiere
Awards: Special Mention of the Opus Bonum Jury
Exhibition format: Blu-ray
Subtitle languages: English
24.10.2014 16:00
28.10.2014 10:00


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