Pill Junkies



  • Bartosz Staszewski
  • Poland
  • 2014, 76 min
Script: Bartosz Staszewski
Photography: Bartosz Staszewski
Editing: Bartłomiej Szkop
Sound: Bartosz Staszewski
Producer, Co-producer: Bartosz Staszewski
Color: Colour
Language: Polish, Swedish
In the 1980s, they fled from Poland to Sweden to find independence, but instead discovered the exact opposite. Tadeusz and Krystyna are addicted to legally distributed drugs. They form an ageing couple who are drawn together more by their common weaknesses and withdrawal symptoms than a mutual attraction. The safety net of the Swedish social system meanwhile dangerously tightens in around them in proportion to their increasing need for the drugs. This observational documentary filmed by Tadeusz’s son reveals, with an unusual intensity, a type of addiction that with bitter irony can be called legal.

“For some people happiness is winning a million bucks or two. This ain’t happiness. Happiness is when someone can live an ordinary life.”


The protagonists of the film are immigrants who, during the period of martial law in the 80s Poland, emigrated to Sweden. There is one thing that Tadeusz and Krystyna have in common apart from the difficult past - their prescription drugs addiction. The footage presented in the film was collected between many years. Throughout the film we see our protagonists struggling with their addiction, both to drugs and to each other.

Bartosz Staszewski

Festival edition: 2014
Sections: Between the Seas, First Lights
Premiere Type: World Premiere
Exhibition format: Digi Beta
Subtitle languages: English
25.10.2014 20:30


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