6 Degrees

6 kroków

6 kroků od sebe

  • Bartosz Dombrowski
  • Poland
  • 2013, 80 min
Script: Bartosz Dombrowski
Photography: Wojciech Zieliński
Editing: Iza Pająk PSM; Mateusz Romaszkan
Sound: Błażej Kafarski
Actors, social actors: Martyna Załoga, Marcin Miller, Sylvia Kalicinski, Guillermo Sesma
Producer, Co-producer: Hanka Kastelicová (HBO Europe HU), Izabela Łopuch, Tomasz Tokarski
Color: Colour
Language: Polish, English, Spanish
The Six Degrees of Separation theory states that any two people in the world are connected by a maximum of six people who know each other. To test this theory, the Polish filmmakers set off on a long trip whose beginning and end were determined by lottery. On the various stops of their journey from a young Warsaw musician to an uneducated Mexican farmer, we learn a great deal about the various forms of interpersonal relationships. This experimental documentary, presented as a concrete application of a theoretical construct, is a visually impressive parable about closeness over large distances and the separation of people who are physically close together.

“I don’t think there are five good relationships in politics. You have a few, less than that. Because you are not gonna trust anyone. No one. Betrayals are on this business I think everywhere.”

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Festival edition: 2014
Sections: Between the Seas, First Lights
Premiere Type: International Premiere
Exhibition format: Video File
Subtitle languages: English
25.10.2014 16:00


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