Focus On Infinity

Focus On Infinity

Zaostřeno na nekonečno

  • Joerg Burger
  • Austria
  • 2014, 80 min
Photography: Joerg Burger
Editing: Gökce Ince, Joerg Burger
Sound: Georg Misch, Gökce Ince, Sebastian Brameshuber, Hjalti Bager-Jonathansson
Producer, Co-producer: Joerg Burger
Color: Colour
Language: English, Spanish
What do the head of the Vatican’s astronomy programme, a holder of the Nobel Prize in physics, and a man who allegedly saw a UFO have in common? What are the limits of science and human observation, and what truth does science actually present to us? Leading natural scientists, astronomers and physicists reflect on the nature of infinity, science, and types of human knowledge. The filmmaker sidesteps any definite conclusions and instead presents a thoughtful, hypnotic essay in which the viewer is immersed into contemplation with the help of an ambient soundtrack and incredible images of gigantic telescopes, laboratories and arid wastelands through which the wind dances.

"We evolve because we are every single day asking ourself something new. The day in which we stop to ask ourself something new, we are done. Our reason to exist doesn't exist anymore."

Photo Gallery

Sixpack Film
Gerald Weber
Neubaugasse 45 
Vienna / A-1071 / Austria
+43 152 609 900

Festival edition: 2014
Sections: Between the Seas
Premiere Type: Central European Premiere
Exhibition format: DCP
Subtitle languages: English
25.10.2014 22:30


The author of the official spot is renowned director Jean-Luc Godard