Rock on Bones

Rock on Bones

Rock v kostech

  • Caroline Troubetzkoy
  • France
  • 2014, 154 min
Script: Caroline Troubetzkoy
Photography: Caroline Troubetzkoy
Editing: Elliot Storey
Sound: Nicolas Titeux
Music: Igor Salnikov
Actors, social actors: Caroline Troubetzkoy, Igor Salnikov, Vadim Shesterikov, Denis Starkov, Andrei Tropillo, Felix Beguin
Producer, Co-producer: Caroline Troubetzkoy (samovar productions)
Color: Colour and B&W
Language: French, English, Russian
An encounter between a French director and the Russian punk band The Oz launched a more than two-year journey between Paris and St. Petersburg. Captivated by the band’s charismatic singer Igor Salnikov, Caroline Troubetzkoy decides to help The Oz break through in the West. In return, she gets an exclusive opportunity to learn about the history of Russian rock’n’roll and its politically charged contexts, and gains access to rare footage for a highly personal film that exceeds the definition of documentary and tends towards performance.

“Western vinyls arrived in the country as contraband, but nobody could afford the price. So some clever guys had the bright idea of inventing an illegal machine that could copy these vinyls on pieces of medical X-rays.”

Photo Gallery

Samovar Productions
Caroline Tourbetzkoy
24 rue d’Aguesseau  
Boulogne Billancourt / 92100 / France
+33 615 193 896
Festival edition: 2014
Sections: Opus Bonum
Premiere Type: World Premiere
Exhibition format: DCP
Subtitle languages: English
25.10.2014 22:30


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