In Your Eyes

Nei Tuoi Occhi

Tvýma očima

  • Pietro Albino Di Pasquale
  • Italy
  • 2014, 78 min
Script: Pietro Albino Di Pasquale
Photography: Guido Michelotti
Editing: Elsa De Falco Bonomi, Andrea Maguolo, Lorenzo Morganti, Celeste Taliani, David Tomassini
Sound: Claudio Cicala
Music: Alessandro Bianchi
Actors, social actors: Daniele Cardelli, Vito Cardelli, Elisa Giancroce, Mauro Di Donato, Giovanni Di Donato, Pierpaolo Di Donato, Annamaria Di Remigio, Valentina Reginella, Rosita D'Antonio, Zaira Raiola
Producer, Co-producer: Pietro Albino Di Pasquale (Associazione Bambun), Claudio Cicala
Color: Colour and B&W
Language: Italian
This Italian documentary on the daily lives of five visually impaired people is also an experiment based on an analogy between the movie camera and the human eye. The filmmakers have tried to use film technology to show audiences how people suffering from visual impairments see their surroundings. All of the film’s footage is strongly out of focus in order to show how visually impaired individuals see objects around them.

“I see it as something restricted to a problem with my eyes. I am partially sighted and I could turn blind by just bringing a child into the world. I could turn blind by simply breastfeeding.”

A day in the eyes of a person who sees differently. Five partially-sighted people and a totally blind one recount themselves by re-interpreting small and big troubles of ordinary life. A movie entirely based on subjectiveness, a movie in which characters try to understand if the world changes observing it from another point of view.

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Associazione Culturale Bambun
Vinciguerra 24
Teramo / 64100 / Italy
+39 3 492 952 274

Festival edition: 2014
Sections: Opus Bonum, First Lights
Premiere Type: World Premiere
Exhibition format: Blu-ray
Subtitle languages: English
26.10.2014 23:00


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