House of Cards

Domeček z karet

Domeček z karet

Script: Marta Fenclová, David Musil
Color: Colour
Language: Czech

At the feet of the Lusatian Mountains lies the town of Jiřetín pod Jedlovou. Here stands a house in which abandoned mothers can find refuge with their children. The series tells the story of three girls who grow close just as they are getting ready to leave and set out on their own life journey. Over the course of several months, we follow Věrka, Martina and Šárka as they try to come to terms with the disadvantages of having spent their childhood in this unusually sheltered environment.

A documentary series about life in an asylum home in northern Bohemia.

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Česká Televize
Martina Šantavá
Kavčí hory, 140 70 Praha 4, Czech Republic
+420 606 604 310

Festival edition: 2013


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