Benghazi Stories

Benghazi Stories

Příběhy z Benghází

Photography: Mohamed Algweel, Farag Akwedir, Ahmad Alshereef
Editing: Naziha Arebi, Muhannad Lamin, Sufian Arara
Sound: Abdalleh Elsaid, Mohamed Elghazal
Color: Colour
Language: Arabic

Three micro-stories from contemporary Libya – specifically the town of Benghazi, stigmatised by the terrorist attack on the American consulate and the death of the American ambassador – present the city during a time of change and offer a look at the life of a used-car salesman, a fisherman on the sea, and a young doctor as she learns to drive a car.

Seen from the air, the cars covered in a fine layer of dust and sand look like toy cars lined up on a shelf. In the words of the jovial salesman, "you can still smell the factory."

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Agata Jagodzinska
Scottish Documentary Institute
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Festival edition: 2013
Sections: Short Joy
Exhibition format: HD
Subtitle languages: English


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