Exit Point

Punkt wyjscia

Exit Point

  • Jagoda Szelc
  • Poland
  • 2012, 17 min
Script: Jagoda Szelc
Editing: Jagoda Szelc
Sound: - -
Music: - -
Color: Colour
Language: Polish
An intimate look at the world of a man who lives his passion through the sense of freedom that he experiences when jumping off mountaintops or the highest buildings in the world – and when running away from prying eyes or seeking an escape route between the buildings. However, succumbing to the taste of adrenaline comes with many risks, some of them fatal.

Moments of inexorable falling. "Fucking" joy that the parachute opened. Flying past waterfalls, approaching a lake, hitting the hard asphalt during nighttime jumps. Images filled with vertigo.

Polish National Film, Television
and Theater School
Marcin Malatynski
ul. Targowa 61/63 / Lodz / Poland
+48 426345880

Festival edition: 2013
Sections: Short Joy
Subtitle languages: English


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