25572 Buettel

25572 Büttel

25572 Büttel

  • Rainer Komers
  • Germany
  • 2012, 5 min
Script: Ulrike Almut Sandig
Photography: Rainer Komers
Editing: Florian Pawliczek
Sound: Florian Pawliczek
Color: Colour
Language: No dialogue

Early spring. Bare trees, a river bend, ripples like fish scales, a thundering barge on the horizon. Wind turbines slice the time as they imitate the sound of fighters over a monument to the fallen heroes. 25572. The food hung in bags from the windows of housing containers is a tangible reminder of the provisional conditions and an unmistakable sign of the life for which they fought.

“…from a distance, the smell of cheap flowers + steel + belongings afflicted by the storm on the next day: my fatherland”. Only a brief, modest shot of the names of the fallen. A pink spring blossom, intense sounds, and high-tension wires as proof that the world of the living balancing out the sacrifice. 

Photo Gallery

Rainer Komers Film
Rainer Komers
Moritzstrasse 102
45476 Muelheim an der Ruhr/Germany
+49-2 08-77 94 3

Festival edition: 2013
Sections: Short Joy
Exhibition format: HD
Subtitle languages: No Subtitles


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