Newsreel shot 1919

Zpravodajský šot 1919

Zpravodajský šot 1919

Color: Black and white
As a medium of immortal memory, the film captures important personages of politics and culture for future generations. Among the people whom the First Republic viewed as the co-founders of the new independent state are Karel Kramář, Alois Rašín, František Sís and Prokop Drtina. An animated map of Europe reminds the viewer which countries Czechoslovakia considered its friends, and which its enemies.

In 1919, the medium of film was still searching for its role and function in society. Among the leading concepts of film are to be a living portrait and archive, and a gallery of important personalities.

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Národní filmový archiv
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Festival edition: 2013
Sections: Election
Exhibition format: DVD


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