Images d'Ostende

Images d'Ostende

Obrázky z Ostende

  • Henri Storck
  • Belgium
  • 1929, 11 min
Color: Black and white
The renowned poet of documentary film creates a lyrical look at the Belgian port and seaside resort of Ostende, which in the interwar period was a place of commerce, fishing, relaxation, and also an important cultural centre that attracted painters and artists.

The film receives its dynamic nature from the spectacular waves and the moving camera that wanders along the shore, exploring boats, watching the waves, approaching the water, and flowing along the buildings in the harbour and the changing sand dunes.

Photo Gallery

Light Cone
41bis quai de Loire
France / +33 1 46 5

Festival edition: 2013
Sections: Fascinations: Moře
Exhibition format: 16 mm


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