The Dirigible "La Patrie" (Homeland)

Le Ballon dirigeable „La Patrie“

Vzducholoď „Vlast“

  • Alice Guy
  • France
  • 1907, 1 min
Color: Black and white
Language: Silent

Unique footage from the Gaumont news services, which Alice Guy headed at the time, showing the pride of French aviation, the airship La Patrie, intended as an answer to the German Zeppelin. Several months later, this great and remarkable dirigible crashed into the sea near the Irish coast.

The film is primarily an example of newsreel forage that didn't allow much room for a personal style, but that offered many filmmakers important experience and a chance to learn basic filmmaking techniques.

Gaumont Pathé Archives 
Agnès Bertola
24, rue du Dr. Bauer – 93400 Saint-Ouen

Festival edition: 2013
Sections: Audiovisual Heritage Day


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