Avenue de l'Opéra

Avenue de l'Opéra

Avenue de l'Opéra

  • Alice Guy
  • France
  • 1900, 1 min
Color: Black and white
Language: Silent

Everyday life in Paris, viewed backwards: A humorous look at the bustle of the big city. Like the Lumière brothers' Demolition of a Wall, this film was popular among contemporary audiences.

In 1899-1900, Alice Guy shot a series of films all on the subject of everyday life in Paris. They are all stand out from the usual films of the era. Another example is Panorama of the Seine, where the camera show the river and its surrounding in such a way that we feel we are standing on the bow of a boat.

Photo Gallery

Gaumont Pathé Archives 
Agnès Bertola
24, rue du Dr. Bauer – 93400 Saint-Ouen

Festival edition: 2013
Sections: Audiovisual Heritage Day


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