An Unlikely Romance

Nepravděpodobná romance

Nepravděpodobná romance

Script: Ivan Vojnár, Jakub Zelníček
Photography: Michal Černý
Editing: Šárka Němcová
Actors, social actors: <span>Berenika Kohoutová, Alžběta Pažoutová, Ivan Vojnár, Veronika Freimanová</span>
Color: Colour
Language: Czech
Suicide, unfortunate deaths – no wonder that circumstances have pushed Luisa into a difficult personal crisis. Based on actual events, the story unfolds retrospectively while showing the director's central theme: therapy not just as a clinical process but as a universal mechanism, a specific relationship between human being s.

At the sanatorium, Luisa does not respond to the world around her. One of the nurses tries to feed her. Improvisation, naturalness, non-acting; all comes together in one single moment that erases the boundaries between fiction, reality, and documentary.

Photo Gallery

Film Distribution Artcam
Radek Rubáš
Rašínovo nábřeží 6, 128 00 Praha, Czech Republic
+(420) 777161402
Festival edition: 2013
Sections: Doc-fi
Subtitle languages: English


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