The Undocumented

The Undocumented


Photography: Marco Williams
Editing: Kris Liem, David Meneses
Sound: Marco Williams
Music: Richard Martinez
Color: Colour
Language: English, Spanish
Through the central story of a Mexican immigrant looking for his father, who disappeared while trying to enter the USA, director Marco Williams’s investigative film unmasks the taboo issue of people dying on the border. Straddling both countries, the camera captures various individuals’ attempts at fixing the situation, as well as the state’s lack of interest.

The tropical temperatures in the Arizona desert are placed in direct visual contrast to the sterile freezers in which the nameless victims of political incompetence find their final refuge.

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Kathryn Bonici

4 - 6 Villa Thoreton
75015 Paris / France

+34 634 869 646

Festival edition: 2013
Sections: USA Today
Exhibition format: Beta
Subtitle languages: English


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