Pandora's Promise

Pandora's Promise

Pandořin slib

Photography: Robert Stone
Editing: Don Kleszy
Sound: Coll Anderson
Music: Gary Lionelli
Actors, social actors: Stewart Brand, Mark Lynas, Michael Shellenberger, Gwyneth Cravens, Richard Rhodes
Color: Colour
Language: English
In this era of post-Fukushima hysteria, director Robert Stone has shot a daring film trying to bring logic and science back into debates on nuclear energy. Educationally and with artistic gracefulness, he engages with well-known environmentalist converts who, after years of study, have come out in favour of nuclear energy and are launching a new understanding of the atom.

This look at the transformation in thinking among educated experts is a suggestive and sometimes surprising film. One telling example is the admission by one of the environmental activists that until recently he had no idea that there existed natural radioactivity.
The Film Sales Company
Robert Stone
165 Madison Avenue, Suite 601
New York, NY 10016
United States
Festival edition: 2013
Sections: USA Today
Exhibition format: Blu-ray


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