Les Moutiers

Les Moutiers

Les Moutiers

  • Jacques Perconte
  • France
  • 2012, 18 min
Photography: Jacques Perconte
Color: Colour
Language: No dialogue

Using the typical method of breaking the image down into digital elementary particles and their subsequently rearrangement, the filmmaker erases and recreates trees in the village of Les Moutiers in western France. The originally lush green and glowing yellow colours are transformed and set in motion until the viewer is unsure as to when the image is real and when it is a parasite that has attacked the digital imprint.

The crowns of the trees are illuminated by the radiance of a cloudless sky. The leaves reflect the light, but after just a few seconds the image freezes and dissolves into a mesh of colour fields hinting at the falling leaves in the early autumn.

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Jacques Perconte
+33 660 615 408
Festival edition: 2013
Sections: Fascinations
Exhibition format: HD
Subtitle languages: No Subtitles


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