The Last Black Sea Pirates

Poslednite chernomorski pirati

Poslední piráti Černého moře

  • Svetoslav Stoyanov
  • Bulgaria
  • 2013, 72 min
Script: Vanya Rainova
Photography: Orlin Ruevski, Ivan Nikolov
Editing: Petar Marinov
Sound: Momchil Bozhkov
Color: Colour
Language: Bulgarian

A documentary film with a dramatic arc illustrating the fairy-tale notion that “true treasure is not made of gold but is found in the human heart”. In his almost carnival-like film, the Bulgarian director shows the lives of a group of outsiders living on the shores of the Black Sea, dreaming of finding a legendary pirate treasure.

The beach where most of the film takes place is located in an area known as Karadere – one of the last places in Bulgaria with natural beaches, untouched dunes and saltwater marshes.

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Festival edition: 2013
Sections: Between the Seas
Exhibition format: HDCAM
Subtitle languages: English


The author of the official spot is renowned director Jean-Luc Godard