Árvore da Vida (Madeira)

Árvore da Vida (Madeira)

Strom života

Music: Jean-Jacques Birgé
Color: Colour
Language: No dialogue

From a green surface emerge the contours of a tree standing on the edge of a rainforest, the branches lightly swaying and the leaves slowly slicing traces of their movement into the endless plain. Even if in some places the surface of the image has healed, digital disintegration can cut off another piece, and this process does not cease until the tree dissolves into the uniform mist.

Composer and filmmaker Jean-Jacques Birgé created this piece for string orchestra after being inspired by the films of Alfred Hitchcock and Michael Snow.

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Jacques Perconte
+33 660 615 408

Festival edition: 2013
Sections: Fascinations
Exhibition format: HD
Subtitle languages: No Subtitles


The leitmotif of this year’s edition of the Ji.hlava IDFF will be memory