Rear Window Timelapse

Rear Window Timelapse

Časosběr z Okna do dvora

Editing: Jeff Desom
Music: Hugo Winterhalter
Color: Colour

An ingenious analysis of Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller, in which sequentiality is replaced by parallelism, but the events in the observed apartment mostly retain their original order. The layering of narrative lines creates surprising meanings as the film break free from the rules of the genre.

The introductory sequence clearly splits up the space of the courtyard and the opposite windows into various planes while drawing attention to the role of the observer – the architect of the story. As opposed to the original movie, however, we never see him.

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Jeff Desom
4 rue de la Corniche, L-5518 Remich LUXEMBOURG
00352 621 720 603

Festival edition: 2013
Sections: Fascinations
Exhibition format: HD


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