Czech Journal. Free Smetana!

Český žurnál. Svobodu pro Smetanu!

Český žurnál. Svobodu pro Smetanu!

Script: Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda
Photography: Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda
Editing: Vít Klusák
Sound: Michal Gábor, David Nagy
Music: Bedřich Smetana
Actors, social actors: Roman Smetana, Ivan Langer, Petr Nečas, Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda

Color: Colour
Language: Czech

He drew antennae onto politicians‘ posters and underneath he wrote they are liars, thieves, and corrupt whores. One of his colleagues – also a bus driver – turned him in. The judge in his trial was the wife of one of the defamed politicians. He destroyed private property! He paid 15,000 crowns in damages, but refused any additional punishment. “I have nothing to atone for!” Roman Smetana called out in court. He got 100 days. For the filmmakers, it was not enough to merely document his story – they bought spray paint and hit the streets... (Directors Cut is one episode of the Czech Journal, a new Czech Television documentary series, portraying life of Czech society in 2012. Airing in January, 2013) 

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Svobodu pro Klusáka!

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Festival edition: 2012
Sections: Workshops
  • Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda
Subtitle languages: No Subtitles
Simultaneous interpreting: en


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