A Friend from the Diamond Mountains

Přítel z Diamantových hor

Přítel z Diamantových hor

Script: Rudolf Krejčík, Ju Cho-son
Photography: Stanislav Szomolányi
Music: Jan Malý
Actors, social actors:

Džang Dži-bong, Petr Rezek, Hana Houbová, Věra Nováková

Color: Black and white
Language: Czech

The friendship between two boys reflects the solid alliance between the Czech and Korean people. Following the cruel war, several hundred orphans have to Czechoslovakia, where they are immediately cared for by doctors and nurses, who nurse them to health. Everybody helps to create a new home in this new country, and kindly teachers help them learn the foreign language. (Film Overview, National Film Archive)

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Festival edition: 2012
Sections: Czech View on the DPRK


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