Girls in the Wild

Ingen kære mor

Holky v divočině

  • Jesper Ærø, Bethel Ravn Berthelsen
  • Denmark
  • 2011, 47 min
Script: Bethel Ravn Berthelsen, Jesper Ærø, Taus Abildgaard
Photography: Simon Mouridsen, henrik Vandal, Anders Agerbo, Jesper Brahe Nymand, Thomas Larsen, Finn Hagemann Pedersen, Mads Nielsen
Editing: David Rue
Actors, social actors: Lothar Friis
Color: Colour
Language: Danish

A group of spoiled Danish secondary school girls, used to the comforts of the civilized world, learns how difficult it is to survive under the harsh conditions of the wild. Their parents have given them everything that their middle-class lifestyle could afford, and now they are stuck with needy, pampered children. Their only choice is to send them to spend two weeks on Borneo – physically demanding tasks will teach the girls to take care of themselves, with only basic supplies, and under the supervision of cameras and a strict leader.  

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Festival edition: 2012
Sections: Reality TV
Exhibition format: DVD
  • Milan Kruml
Subtitle languages: English
Simultaneous interpreting: cz


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