The Tide Goes in, the Tide Goes out

The Tide Goes in, the Tide Goes out

Příliv, odliv

  • Larissa Fan
  • Canada
  • 2012, 6 min
Script: Larissa Fan
Photography: Larissa Fan
Editing: Larissa Fan
Sound: Larissa Fan
Color: Black and white
Language: No dialogue

The translucent, pulsating body of the moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) presents a choreography of white veils communicating through slight touches. The moon jelly differs from other jellyfish in that it does not have long, stinging tentacles, which may be one reason why Arthur Miller compared mankind to how they float in the incoming and outgoing tide. This hand-developed film pays homage to the poetic popular science films of Jean Painlevé.  

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Festival edition: 2012
Sections: Fascinations
Exhibition format: 16 mm
Subtitle languages: No Subtitles


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