Night's Drifters

La nuit remue

Noční tuláci

  • Bijan Anquetil
  • France
  • 2012, 45 min
Script:  Bijan Anquetil
Photography:  Paul Costes
Editing: Alexandra Melot, Bijan Anquetil
Sound: Matthieu Perrot
Actors, social actors: Hamid Jan, Sobhan Sardari
Color: Colour
Language: Persian

Afghan immigrants Sobhan and Hamid fall asleep together underneath a bridge in the big city. Their difficult months-long journey from home has not been rewarded by a better life, but has been shattered by fears of the coming day. They live outside of time, hope extinguished in the French suburbs. Afghan defiance and enthusiasm are fractured within blurry images from mobile telephones and in endless dark nights spent by a makeshift fire. The fate of young immigrants, seen from a distance, offers a topical picture of more than one Middle Eastern country.  

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Festival edition: 2012
Sections: Opus bonum
Exhibition format: Blu-ray
  • Bijan Anquetil
Subtitle languages: English
Simultaneous interpreting: cz


The author of the official spot is renowned director Jean-Luc Godard