1/2 Revolution

1/2 revolution

1/2 revoluce

  • Omar Shargawi, Karim El Hakim
  • Denmark
  • 2011, 71 min
Script: Omar Shargawi, Karim El Hakim
Photography: Philippe Dip, Omar Shargawi, Karim El Hakim
Editing: Per Sandholt, Jeppe Bødskov
Sound: Alex Pavlovic
Music: Anders Christensen
Actors, social actors: Omar Shargawi, Karim El Hakim
Color: Colour
Language: Arabic, Danish, English

The revolution in lightweight, portable HD cameras exploded alongside the “Arab Spring” and the Egyptian people’s uprising on Cairo’s Tahrir Square in the spring of 2011. Directors Karim and Omar take shaky footage of street fighting showing the first signs of a possible civil war between different army factions back to their home, which becomes a refuge and a place for reflecting upon the fall of Hosni Mubarak and the inevitable declaration of freedom – a freedom that remains half open, with further developments associated with both opportunities and risks.

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Festival edition: 2012
Sections: Man in Revolt
Exhibition format: HDCAM
  • Karim El Hakim
Subtitle languages: English
Simultaneous interpreting: cz


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