Alice Růžičková

Filmmaker, teacher, and projectionist Růžičková decided to study documentary film at FAMU only after receiving her degree from Charles University’s Faculty of Natural Sciences, which has left an indelible imprint on her subsequent film work. Since 1996, she has collaborated on experimental film projects with cinematographer and editor Martin Čihák (Netopýrolog and the hand-made film 60 Clocks). In 2002 and 2003, she created the festival spot and a five-projector Polyekran performance for the Jihlava festival, with which she is connected on several levels. She has spent several years as a moderator of discussions with experimental Czech filmmakers, and is also a projectionist. Růžičková is the author of numerous documentary and experimental films, publishes texts on auteur film, has interviewed Czech documentary and experimental filmmakers, and teaches at FAMU and Charles University’s Faculty of Humanities. Selected filmography: Funfair (1992), Biostructures (1997-8), Otto Placht: Painter of the Jungle (1999), EXPRMNTL KBH (2001), festival spots for the Respect Music Festival in Prague (1999-2002).