Amir Labaki

Founder and director of the Brazilian International Documentary Film Festival “It’s All True” – the largest Latin American festival of documentary film and non-fiction film. At the same time he has been a member of the Commission of the Amsterdam-based festival IDFA since 2002. Having graduated in Film Science at São Paulo University, he received wide acclaim as a film reviewer; he also worked as the New York correspondent of Brazil’s leading daily Folha. He was the director of the Brazilian Museum of Film in São Paulo twice (1993 – 1995, 2003 – 2005). So far he has published over ten books, for example Solanas on Solanas (1993), The Urgent Cinema of Santiago Alvarez (1994), The Films from Brazil (1998) and Introduction to Brazilian Documentary (2006). In connection with the It’s All True festival, he is also the presenter of a TV show of the same name on Brazilian documentary film on the TV channel Canal Brasil. In 2005 he shot a TV documentary called A Thinker as Filmmaker about Eduardo Escorel, a leading director of Cinema Novo. In 2008 he premiered his play Lotte about the actress and singer Lotte Leny.