Petr Fischer

Czech commentator and political journalist, graduated in Teaching and Philosophy. Since 1998 he has been working in the media, first as Lidové noviny’s pundit, later as a political analyst of the Czech broadcast of the BBC radio station. For three years he was in charge of the Culture feature of Hospodářské noviny and currently is the head of the Culture section in Czech TV. He regularly contributes in the culture magazine A2 and his columns Veřejné osvětlení (Public Lighting) were collected and published in a book of the same name (with the sub-title “Postmoderní morálka – postmoderní politika” (“Postmodern Morals – Postmodern Politics”), SLON, 2008). Together with the film director Radim Procházka he shot the documentary film Papírový atentát (Desk-based Assassination), introduced at the Jihlava IDFF in 2007. He has also cooperated with the Jihlava IDFF for three years as the lecturer of a creative writing workshop focusing on documentaries Media and Documentary.