Bill Nichols

One of the leading theoriticians of documentary film. Professor of Cinema Studies at San Francisco State University, Nicholls is the author of influential publications, mostly on documentary and non-fiction cinematography. At the turn of the 1970s and 1980s he edited a crucial two-volume collection of works from contemporary film theory called Movies and Methods (University of California Press, 1976–1985), which defined the methodology in the field for a long time. In his work he focuses on the formal and representative characteristics of documentary film. Many of his essays, however, also deal with topics such as cybernetics or new Iranian film. He published ten books, for example Newsreel: Documentary Filmmaking on the American Left (1980), Ideology and the Image: Social Representation in the Cinema and Other Media (1981) and Representing Reality. Issues and Concepts in Documentary (1991). His Introduction to Documentary (2001) is one of the most widely quoted books on documentary film today.