Life of a Film in the Era of Big American VoD Platforms


The conflict between the festival in Cannes and Netflix highlighted the distance between Europe and America: on one side is an ambitious online service backed by 20 billion dollars of investments; on the other side is cinephile France, which has spent decades teaching people to go to the cinema to watch films and which undoubtedly has the most sophisticated cinema education at public schools. But those aren’t the only differences: while Netflix grew out of a nationwide DVD lending service, Europe is home to a networks of hundreds of film festivals that allow for the sharing of diverse types of films among the continent’s various countries. Who will prevail in the struggle for power over European film, cinema and film festivals?

Anton Calleja / Project Manager for Documentaries and Features, Eurimages, France
Søren Tarp / Producer, Documentary Department, Danish Film Institute, Denmark
Karim Aitouna / Producer, Haut Les Mains, France

Diana Tabakov / Head of Acquisitions, Doc Alliance Films

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Festival edition: 2017
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The author of the official spot is renowned director Jean-Luc Godard