Production Incentives in the Czech Republic. Will Czech documentary filmmakers qualify for them in the new system?


This spring, several changes to the system of production incentives provided by the Czech Film Fund came into effect. These changes, which resulted from an amendment to the Audiovisual Act and to the fund’s statutes, were made in response to experiences from and deficiencies in the previous system, which had been operating in the Czech Republic since 2010. The fund will no longer announce a “registration period” – instead, registrations can be filed at any time during the calendar year. The allocation of funding is not tied to registration, but to the start of filming. Other changes relate not just to the minimum volume of eligible costs, running time or in-kind services, but also to the deadlines for filing submissions during the individual stages of the process of providing production incentives. As a result, production incentives may become more attractive and accessible for Czech documentary filmmakers.

Magdaléna Králová / Head of Production Incentives Program, Czech Film Fund

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