Visegrad Accelerator: Documentary and Educational Games: Different Approaches of Computer Games to Reality and Education


One of the focuses of Ji.hlava IDFF’s programme has long been on interactive formats with documentary and educational features. PC games may be inspired by real circumstances and pre-concepts, they may have additional documentary aspects, and they can employ principles of journalism (so-called newgames). Many of these games also play an educational role, or have various educational characteristics. How successful are these formats in Central Europe’s gaming world and industry? We will talk to game authors and designers from V4 countries.

Anna Szylar / Member of the Experts' Team, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Poland
Jakub Deml / Cultural Manager (Kvas z.s.), Audiovisual Artist/Producer (, Czech Republic
Richard Nagyfi / Research and Development, Kitchen Budapest, Hungary
Michal Kabát / Head of the New Media Cabinet at the UCM Faculty of Mass Communication in Trnava, Slovakia

Andrea Slováková / Programmer of Ji.hlava IDFF and Curator of Conference Fascinations, Slovakia

Open for: all types of accreditation

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Festival edition: 2017
Event type Visegrad Accelerator
27.10Inspiration Forum Lounge @ Respekt Café, DKO 16:00


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