Open Class: Oliver Frljić


Oliver Frljić (1976) is a Croatian theatre director. His work is focused on theatre's potential as a medium to transcend its own boundaries and to extend performances to include the broader social context. Frljić, who often refers to Aeschylus' The Persians as an important source of inspiration, uses the concept of counter-memory to present those parts of history that are not present in official narratives. At the same time, he gives voice to those who are often invisible or underrepresented in society. His work has been presented at various international festivals and theatres, including Wiener Festwochen (Vienna), Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Dialog (Wroclaw), Festival TransAmériques (Montréal), Neue Stücke aus Europa (Wiesbaden), Bitef (Belgrade) and La MaMa (New York).

Marek Hovorka / Director, Ji.hlava IDFF
Filip Remunda / Filmmaker and Curator of Inspiration Forum

Open for: all types of accreditation

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Festival edition: 2017
Event type Inspiration Forum
27.10Dukla Reform Cinema 16:00


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