Open Class: Zhanna Nemtsova


Zhanna Nemtsova (1984) is the daughter of Russian statesman Boris Nemtsov. She worked for the Echo of Moscow radio station and for Russia's RBK television station as an economic journalist, anchoring broadcasts and interviewing representatives from business and politics. After her father was assassinated in February 2015, Nemtsova pushed for a proper investigation, causing her to receive threats via social media. As a result, in June 2015 she emigrated to Germany because of her safety. Following these events, she began to work as a reporter in the Russian department of the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle in Bonn. She also founded the non-profit Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom, which promotes the ideas of freedom and democracy and keeps alive the memory of Boris Nemtsov. Every year, the foundation presents an award to a public figure, journalist or artist who is committed to fighting for freedom of expression and who shows exceptional courage. In 2015, Zhanna Nemtsova received the $1.1 million Solidarity Prize in Poland for advocating democracy and human rights, and in 2016 she won the International Women of Courage Award.

Marek Hovorka / Director, Ji.hlava IDFF
Filip Remunda / Filmmaker and Curator of Inspiration Forum

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Festival edition: 2017
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