Karpo Godina: A Different Approach to Making Documentary Films


A leading representative of Yugoslav Black Wave, Slovenian cinematographer and director Karpo Godina (1943) began making amateur films in the second half of the 1960s. Their poetic style caught the attention of Želimir Žilnik, and after Žilnik’s Early Works (1969) won a Golden Bear, many other directors began to work with Godina as well, including Lordan Zafranović and Bato Čengić. In his lecture, Godina will focus on his own early works, which are characterised by a fundamental exploration of stylistic tools, meticulous work with space and, in the best tradition of the Yugoslav New Wave, a never-ceasing attempt at capturing the pulse of the era.

Open for: all types of accreditation

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2017
Event type Masterclass
27.10Dukla Edison Cinema 12:00


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