MASTERCLASS: Andreas Horvath: Spending Time with Helmut Berger, Actor


In the films of award-winning Austrian director Andreas Horvath, interesting characters seem to dominate the screen. His latest film Helmut Berger, Actor is no exception. It is an unconventional and controversial portrait of the actor Helmut Berger and his tumultuous relationship to the director. The film itself is an insightful commentary on the documentary medium, revealing the power dynamic and struggle sometimes present between filmmaker and subject. Andreas Horvath will present an extended Q&A session that will be preceded by the screening of the film Helmut Berger, Actor (90 min, 2015).

In cooperation with Institute of Documentary Film.

Open for: all types of accreditation

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2017
Event type Ex Oriente Film ,
25.10Dukla Edison Cinema 17:00


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