Case Study: Peter Kerekes, Marek Šulík, Martin Kollár: Things are different than expected


Unlike fiction films, documentary films cannot be prepared in advance. The development of documentary films has its specifics and the collaboration between the members of often small teams has a crucial impact on the outcome. A Case Study on the communication between the director, the cameraman and the editor during the making of 66 Seasons, Cooking History and Velvet Terrorists will take place under the subheading “Things are different than expected."

Peter Kerekes is a Slovak documentary film director and producer who came into the spotlight with his film Cooking History (2009). Cooking History won a number of awards at renowned international festivals. His latest film Velvet Terrorists tells the story of three men who made an attempt at crushing the communist regime in Czechoslovakia, with varying success.

Slovak filmmaker Martin Kollár graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and focuses primarily on photography and cinematography. He has worked on, among others, the documentaries 66 Seasons, Velvet Terrorists, and the festival success Goat. He has exhibited his work in Paris, China, Thessaloniki, and other cities.

Marek Šulík is a Slovak film editor and director of documentary films. He focuses on social documentary and often collaborates with non-governmental organisations as both a director and an editor. He teaches documentary filmmaking at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava and also works as a lecturer of film workshops.

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