Case Study: Lukáš Kokeš: Is Originality Possible Anymore?


Lukáš Kokeš (1983)

A graduate of documentary filmmaking at FAMU in Prague. Along with screenwriter Štěpán Hulík and producers Tomáš Hrubý and Pavla Janoušková Kubečková he worked on the development and making of Wasteland produced by HBO Europe. He teamed up with Klára Tasovská to create Fortress. The duo is currently working on feature film Nothing Like Before co-produced by HBO Europe.

Case Study

In the quantities of the audio-visual materials that surround us, films are permeating and reflecting on one another. It is essential to learn the context of contemporary cinema in which our film works are set and to consciously work with this context. Is originality possible anymore? This is the question me, Klára Tasovská, the co-author of most of the films I have collaborated on, and producer Tomáš Hrubý always ask ourselves ever since the early stages of developing our film script. In fact, when you are watching films you are actually already working on your own ideas and scripts.

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