Jana Šteflíčková


Jana Šteflíčková is a Prague-based songwriter and actress with Studio Ypsilon. Her work consciously avoids classical genre definitions, and she defines her music as part folk, blues, jazz, and rock – as reflected in her solo work, whose diverse range has been welcomed at folk festivals as well as festivals featuring several genres of music (Trutnov Open Air, Sázavafest, Boskovice, Šumperk Blues Alive). Before going solo with guitar, Šteflíčková contributed to a diverse range of music projects, starting as a ten-year-old at the Porta folk/country festival in 1990, followed by a long period of searching in country, American sixties folk, rock, traditional jazz and swing, blues, and funk. Her songs communicate directly with the audience featuring a broad range of vocal tone and expression and a personal and unconventional guitar style. She is currently planning a new CD with invited guest artists.

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Festival edition: 2011
Event type: Music


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