Irena Obermanová


Obermannová, who studied dramaturgy and screenwriting at FAMU, collaborates frequently with Czech Television, Nova TV, and the weekly magazine insert for Mladá fronta Dnes. She is the author of eleven books (her best known works are Diary of a Deranged Wife, Divnovlásky, Handbook for Insubordinate Women, Diary of a Deranged Lover, and Love Like Rome), has written numerous television scripts, and two of her books (Diary of a Deranged Wife and Divnovlásky) have been turned into television movies. Her works have been published abroad... Czech Television is currently preparing the 2011 premiere of her 16-part series Elixir of Youth. Her collection My Soul represents her debut as a poet, although she has written poetry since childhood. (Source: ČAS Publishers)

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Festival edition: 2011
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