"Hip hop, rap" - Moja reč, IdeaFatte


Moja Reč (Handlová, SK)

This Slovak hip-hop duo consists of two rappers with the stage names Supa and Delik, both originally from the town of Handlová. Ever since releasing their demo CD in 2004, the two have collaborated with the band Komplot (Braňo CH., Marek G., Branko H.). When performing without live instruments, they appeared with DJ Ali. Two years later, they released their first mix tape Dobrí Chlapci (Good Boys), which anticipated their first regular album S/M Show (December 2006), which catapulted them among the elite of contemporary Slovak hip hop. Their most recent joint project is 2009’s double CD with the title Dual Shock.

IdeaFatte (Zlín)

IdeaFatte consists of rapper Idea and DJ Fatte, who have been performing together since 2005/2006, when they first embarked on their joint journey of beat and rap. Their first single, Máme vás (We Have You) was recorded at Prague’s Jižák Studio. Soon thereafter, the millions began flowing into their open wallets. This was followed by a mix tape and another vinyl single from the album 365. There followed the sudden idea to release their things on their own, and so the millions disappeared again. Nevertheless, the duo managed to release Mezitím (In the Meantime) and their most recent album, produced in their hometown of Zlín, with the apt title Doma (Home).

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Festival edition: 2011
Event type: Music


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