„Alternative, rock, funky“ - a Dictone, LU


a Dicktone (Jihlava)

The music of Jihlava’s a Dictone mixes two basic musical genres: classic rock ‘n’ roll and hip hop. The former is represented by Petr Chytka’s singing, which is reminiscent both of hits from the 1960s as well as the most recent musical trends. The latter is represented by the band’s rhythm, which is dominated by Jan Vokurka’s mechanically precise drumming and Vojtěch Novák’s funk-influenced guitar, whose sense for sound will leave you speechless. Led by Commander Novák and General Funk, a Dictone will put you on a pre-coital wavelength, so close your eyes and think of sex.

LU (Kopřivnice)

The band, which was formed in 2002, already has two albums behind it: LU and Owes and Vows. Over the years, LU has performed with famous Czech bands such as Umakart, Tata Bojs, Priessnitz, Sunshine, and Please the Trees, but also with American acts Enon and Polite Sleeper. In 2004, the band won the Malá Alternativa competition, and their album Owes and Vows was nominated by critics for the 2009 Anděl award in the alternative music category. LU also appeared on the Radio Wave Live Sessions, and two songs from this performance were later released on the eponymous compilation album.

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Festival edition: 2011
Event type: Music


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