„Grooving atmosphere“ - Kubatko, DJ J-KID, DJ selector EuroDel

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Kubatko (Prague)

Animal-lover, laziness-tempter, occasional cyclist, and “cut-and-paster” of musical tracks Kubatko shone at this year’s Anděl Awards, where the album Vzduchoplavec (Balloonist) won in the electronic music category. Kubatko’s musical style is based on the pasting together of airy samples, fresh beats, and thundering bass. He is not afraid of combining strange, chaotic, or incomplete samples – he himself says that there is nothing to be afraid of: After all, it’s not about taking risks, but just playing. Unlike many other musicians, he is a member of OSA (the Czech association of composers, authors, and publishers), which he would like to “subversively” transform from within.

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Festival edition: 2011
Event type: Music


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