Virtual reality


The Ji.hlava IDFF gives viewers the chance to enter into 360° films and spatial installations. Here, you can find 360° documentary films, VR installations and works on the boundary between film and art that make use of virtual spaces to create autonomous worlds whose own rules are determined by visuality. We are interested in works that take advantage of the characteristics of virtuality in an innovative and contemplative manner, that experiment with the audiovisual representation of reality and real stories, or that build an entertaining and instructive world of knowledge and learning.


  • Feedback in the Landscape

​> Virtual work of art creates bends in space and change- able objects located in abstract landscapes with a dis- torted geometry.
Jakub Jirka, 2017, Czech Republic, FAMU

  • Seeking Pluto's Frigid Heart

​> A realistically modelled terrain, created on the basis of photographs of the surface of Pluto, scientifically determined dimensions, and physical and visual characteristics.  The work was created in collaboration with several universities and research institutes, including NASA.
Jonathan Corum, Graham Roberts, Yuliya Parshina-Kottas, Evan Grothjan, 2016, USA,  The New York Times

  • Hovering

​> Surrealist imagery in an abstract landscape compiled for the filmmaker’s electronic music composition by Shigeto.  The images were created using a combination of computer-generated animation and real images and textures found in nature.
Conor Grebel, 2017, USA, 79 Ancestors

  • Network effect

​> This interactive project uses data from the internet to explore the psychological effect of “being within the network”, which it depicts using sentences, words, texts, tweets, graphs, charges, lists and millions of individual bits of data in virtual space.  This voyeuristic experience draws the viewer’s attention to the over-abundance of digital stimuli in our lives.
Jonathan Harris, Gregor Hochmuth, 2015, USA


  • Simulator Autismu

​> A sophisticated one-minute evocation of the experience of a person with autism sitting in a café, where he is disturbed by the multitude of details, stimuli and irregularities in his surroundings.
SPOSA Bratislava, 2016, Slovakia, Seesame, iNFINITE Production

  • Easter Rising: Voice of a rebel

​> Eyewitness recollections enable a reconstruction of the 1916 Easter Rising, which changed Irish history.
VRTOV, BBC, Crossover Labs, 2016, UK, Australia​

  • I am Galway

​> A cinematic poem that unfolds over the Irish coastline explores the landscape as a reflection of the observer’s state of mind, evoking his moods, sometimes slow and lingering, at other times wildly dynamic and changing.
Paula Kehoe, 2016, Ireland

  • Mars 2030

​> A simulation created in collaboration with NASA, in which the viewer/actor explores the landscape of Mars on an area of 40 km2, which reflects the models of previously known research data.
FMG Labs, 2017, USA

  • PrisonEXIT

​> A convincing and chilling example of what it is like to be in a Russian prison, presented through a 360° film based on real spaces and experiences.
Havas Worldwide Prague, Amnesty International, 2016, Czech Republic

  • Dominium

​> A fictitious city in a dystopian future is ingeniously built on the physical and cultural foundations of the Cloister of St Agnes, the archaeological site of a for- gotten monument, where virtual reality becomes a parallel living world in a dominion, in one of many Kingdoms.
Jakub Krejčí, 207, Czech Republic, FAMU​

  • theBlu

​>  This exploration beneath the surface of the ocean allows players to encounter some of the rarest sea creatures in the world. A work on the boundary between film, game and virtual experience.
Wevr, 2016, USA

  • Protectors

> ​In Africa, one elephant is killed every 15 minutes. Animals are mainly killed by terrorist groups cashing in on ivory.  This stirring documentary by distinguished director Katryn Bigelow shows the rangers who protect nature and wild animals.
Here Be Dragons, 2017, USA, National Geographic​

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Virtual Reality is organized in cooperation with Go360.

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Festival edition: 2017
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