Miroslav Machotka


Miroslav Machotka - Layers

In his photographs, the incomparable Miroslav Machotka captures places and things whose magic often remains overlooked. With his unique sense for rhythm and the dynamics of objects within a composition, he presents a world filled with relationships between chance and human intention. The exhibition is curated by the renowned Czech poet, Jaromír Typlt.

Commented tour of the exhibition Miroslav Machotka – Layers, including a screening of unexhibited photographs.

  • 27 October / 5pm / Gustav Mahler House, Znojemská 1089/4

The tour will be led by the photographer Miroslav Machotka, and the exhibition curator, Jaromír Typlt.

  • Tuesday to Saturday / 10am–noon and 1pm–6pm

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2017
Event type: Exhibition
27.10House of Gustav Mahler 17:00


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